Steve Jorgenson and his employees removed existing closet materials, spackled (so that we could touch up paint later), and then installed built-in drawers, cubbies and hanging spaces in 4 bedroom closets. He also designed and built-in storage (a shoe shelf and hanging spaces for backpacks and coats) for a mud-hall adjacent to our garage.


Steve was prompt and helpful and knowledgeable throughout the process. He visited our house on 9/27/2007. As we walked around the house, he offered helpful suggestions about design, color of hooks and shelving, edgebanding, etc. Steve e-mailed designs and a quote to me that evening. His designs maximized the use of our space. He arrived with his crew on 10/9/2007 and installed the closets. We love them! Steve's crew was helpful and polite. He asked me to call him if I had any questions about the shelving or needed any help with it in the future, but the job seems so well done, I doubt I'll need him anymore.

Wonderful experience! Steve is attentive and helpful, and so responsive. He was able to install the closet the day after the materials came in, and when we had to cancel, he was able to reschedule immediately. He was willing to come back and do the basement at a later date, and as soon as we were ready, he came the next day. The systems are high quality (really solid and look elegant), and the design he worked up for us almost doubled the amount of total storage we had, just be efficient use of space! Not to mention the price was much lower than other places we had scoped out!


I got 3 estimates for this job and they ranged from $1800 to $5000! Generally, I feel like you get what you pay for, but I asked a lot of questions and ended up going with the lowest bid. Steve was great about guiding me and he provided 3-D computer images that really helped. I would highly recommend them. Take the trouble to learn a little about the system and you can count your own shoes!

Steve Jorgenson was extremely willing to work with us on creating out closet/dressing room design. He came to measure at a time that was convenient for us, made adjustments to the plans as needed, and was incredibly fast at installing (planned for 4 hours, but took 2) the closet system. We are thrilled with it and will have him back to do a second storage area. The price was outstanding too, and about a third of the other companies that bid for the job. Finally, Steve was extremely responsive, whether by phone or by e-mail. It was a treat to work with this company.

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